We unify your infrastructure ...

With our experience in major accounts such as Hewlett-Packard, Crédit Agricole, Groupe Intermarché, Sécuritas, Ouest France, ... we design with your collaboration  infrastructures adapted to your size and your teams, we develop actual production tools. We develop the projects of your core infrastructure.

Whether you have 17 000 servers, 1 500 servers (Architectures implemented in 2009 & 2011 with 14 Zabbix servers hierarchically organized) or 20 servers, our expertise helps you understand your problem because we also do manage the project, taking your own parameters into account. Technique is nothing, paradoxically human considerations are the key project leading to the success of your technical project.

Through our past responsibilities in the spheres of systems and networks infrastructure in major accounts, we will include your specific parameters into the expression of needs, design appropriate architectures, establish realistic goals and manage the project with our technical resources and your internal resources.

Core Competencies

Depending on the scale of the project, we rely on your/our partners, we provide internally architecture solutions, project management until production step. In the technical area, our core expertises is centered around Open Source technologies linked to infrastructure projects like Supervision in large accounts with Zabbix & Nagios/Icinga.

Unifying IT Projects

Your systems and networks Infrastructures can be unified with tools such as Monitoring or DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan). These central tools will be the heart of your Infrastructure and will provide a structured framework that helps you support your solutions. You gain reliability and visibility, your teams are more proactive, we can qualify them as teaching tools.